Official Allie DiMeco

Finally the perfect prom make-up

      Now we all have our perfect prom make-up! Allie posted on Twitter one new picture of her in different faces with her final prom make-up. Don't you think it's gorgeous? 

Posted on May 6,2010

Allie have new Daisy Rock Guitar!

      Sorry guys that I haven't posted news for a whlie, that's because I on a family travel without internet. I'm really sorry. Sice now, I'll post more news here okay? So, here we go! Ali won a new Daisy Rock Guitar and posted on twitter her new guitar! So funny her face :)

Posted on May 6, 2010

Allie on Inspire Teen Interview

      Now I post one video of Allie's Interview on Inspire Teen.  Check it ;)

Posted on May 30, 2010

Gorgeous New Allie Pic

Allie on Funny Mean Girls Video

      Hello guys! Sorry for not posting news, but I was at my tests week at my school. Well, anyway, here I post one video of Alie on her Mean Girls favorite monologue. Very funny :)  . You should see :

Posted on May 25,2010

More proofs of Allie's Official Twitter

      Hey guys! Here are more proofs that @AllieJDee is only true Allie's Twitter.  Below are two pics that proves that. Allie is getting really upset about posers. If you do really like her, why do you pretend to BE her? You only make her upset with things like that. Today Allie posted one tweet with one more picture to make everyone sure that this is the only Twitter of her.

Posted on May 15, 2010

More Allie Pics !

      Sorry guys, I know I haven't posted any Allie news for a while, but I couldn't post it. So, anyway, here I am with news of Allie! Her official Twitter is @AllieJDee , another ones like @_AllieJDee are fake ones. You can watch her saying that on one video at youtube at her and Kristina's youtube account. Kristina is one of her best friends. Below there are some really really cute pics of Allie. Well, the first one is one that she posted on May 11 on her blog and the second one is he closet, one pic that she posted on her twitter. And last but not least,  one that I tought she was gorgeous! And news! Allie arrived from California! All of them beautiful, like always.  ^_^ Check it !

Posted on May 14, 2010

Allie with friends

      Allie posted one pic of her and her new friends at St Catherine of Siena in Valejo CA.  Beautiful, like always :) See the picture bellow.

Posted on May 9, 2010

Site online!

      Finally the site is online! I was waiting Allie's permission to do it, and now, here it is!  Our first post is going to be... the Allie's tweet permission to the fansite! Our official Twitter is @OfficialAllieJD and here she sent me her permission to do the website, so the website started on May 8,2010 ! Down here it's a PritScreen I took of her permission!

 Posted on May 8,2010